• Door handle MILLY Slim

MILLY Slim rd. nickel pearl N16

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FORME - minimal design interior door handles, designed and manufactured in Italy.

The door handles are suitable for European (DIN) standard locks.  Fast and easy assembly.

For interior doors with a thickness of 35-45 mm. 

Ecotech® coating

Patented, innovative, and ecological technology. No environmentally harmful substances are used for covering the handles and

no CO2 emissions are released.

The coating of the handles is up to 5 times more resistant to damage and also has an antibacterial layer.  

Rose thickness - 5mm

Metal - Brass


Set for one door.

Escutcheons are listed below. See related products.

Real color may slightly differ from shown in the photo.

Handles must only be installed once all paint jobs are complete and the paint has dried.

Cleaning chemicals (detergents, acids, alcohol, dissolvent...) can damage the surface of the handle. Use a dry or half-dry cloth for cleaning.

To prevent door handle contact with the wall, use a door stopper.